Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why i went Natural.....

I am not sure why this is but, when a woman is going through something or there's something in her life that makes her uneasy or she let me say...."wants a change" the first we do is switch up our hair. It's kind of like some of us feel like our hair has some type of connection with our emotional state. But in a way ladies it does. Think about it-when your hair looks good you FEEL good, lol. Well at least i do. This brings me to the topic of my post. The reason why i went Natural.

I guess it took me a while to write this one because i had to really think about it-hard. Back in 2007 i had a friend that was going to this girl to get her hair done and ladies she was hooking it up! My buddys' hair was so nice. It was just a really nice wrap but it seemed to be growing nicely and because my friend knew how to maintain her hair it looked really healthy. I actually just went to the girl because i had one of the "emergency days" and i just needed someone to fix my hair. So she does her thing but i noticed that the particular relaxer she was using was a little stronger than i have used before AND another thing i had never used this one. Needless to say when i got home all i had to do was touch my hair and it would come out. Shedding like crazy, it looked lymph and lifeless. I was so upset. When i talked to the girl about it she kept trying to convince me that the hair was shedding like that because it was cold outside (now what the hell, lol). So I decided to just leave my hair alone for a while and get some braids so that i could just let the hair go ahead a break and do it's thing. I was getting braids and weaves like crazy yall, i didn't wear my hair until mid in 2008. By this time in my life i was really sad. I had a lot going on and i said to myself "MAN I NEED A CHANGE". I think this was about where i was making my decision to become natural. I was seeing someone at the time that made it seem like he was supportive but he wasn't. He used to rank on other women with their hair natural and he never really saw my hair outside of braids and weaves. Like i said before i am not sure why but it means a lot to us if our men like our hair. Needless to say me and him aren't together anymore but anyway, lol. Back to my story. Guys, i went through so much ridicule from friends and family for making this decision it was a mess! When you are doing what i was, which is called TRANSITIONING, you have to go through a few days of looking kind of bad because your hair isn't used to what you are doing you know. It's used to getting that relaxer so you are weaning it off of it.

It's crazy how you would think the people that mean the most to you would support you. Even now i get from some people "so how long our you gonna have your hair like that"? or "How do you do it"? "Why don't you flat iron it"? My thing is if i wanted straight hair then i would have kept my dang relaxer! It's cool though because some people really don't know and understand and they DO just have to ask the question. To you it may sound silly but you can't look at it that way. I had a very good friend of mine point that out to me. So.....in Jan of 2009 i cut all the relaxer off my hair and hadn't looked back since. I love it so much you guys. I mean i still sometimes deal with the "OLD ME" wanting to see how it looks straight and maybe one day i will but as for right now i am just fine with the way that God intended it to be.

At the end of this blog i will post three pics of the big chop, then six months, then how it is now. Thank you for reading and be blessed ladies.



  1. Nice post but I still didn't see any mention of my part of you going natural!!! How I made it possible to see beyond what people think or say!!!LOL!! j/k.

    You must enjoy life and love yourself and that doesn't come from what or how people think of you!!!

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