Sunday, March 21, 2010

Give your hair a rest....

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share something with you really quick that i have going on with my hair. For the past three months i have been doing a lot of different styles to my hair. With that being said it was just time to give my hair a rest for a while--cornrows, cornrows, cornrows ladies, lol!!! *You have to leave your hair alone for a while because honestly, that is one of the ways you maintain length and promote growth. This style has always been one of my favorite even before i went natural. It is easy to work with and it is really sexy and fun. Another thing about being in the military is that we work out and are really active so this is an ideal style for me. I am sure some of you other sisters in the military know about the regulation and how it says how your hair can't be "faddish" so just be mindful of that also when getting your styles. *One other thing you want to remember with this ladies is even though your hair is put away, you still have to moisturize and tie your hair up at night so you can keep a fresh look. *I put Jojoba oil all around the edges of my head because it helps in the growth of that particular hair. The edges are sooo sensitive ladies please remember to do this. I will try to post a pic at the end of this post so that you guys can see hwo they look. Thanks for reading, i hope this helped. I will talk a little more about some protective styles i have done in the past, as well as post some more pics. Until then, be blessed.

*little tip:)

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