Friday, May 14, 2010

Hard to handle....

Hello all once again! Sorry that i have been gone for a while i have had a lot going on and i think my hair is starting to show it. Work is always trying and for whatever reason i have a tendency to take that stress from work out on my hair. Not really doing it that much, not really tending to it like i should you know. I had got really un-motivated and that is mostly the reason why i hadn't been on here like that. Another reason why which is really silly, i haven't been focused enough. As an ex of mine put it "worrying about things that i can't control". Nonetheless, i took control the situation because it was starting to control me.

Anyway, back to the important stuff. Being in the Military and being a natural lady can be very hard at times. Sometimes you want to do new and fun things to your hair and you can't really do them because someone is going to look at you wrong or say your hair is "faddish". I struggle with that daily. Also just being natural period can be hard at times. I just recently experienced being really discouraged. But i guess i am writing this post to just tell you ladies to continue to stay encouraged and uplifted. One thing that always always helps me is a young lady that is always on point to me in all of her videos; Miss *Kimmaytube from YouTube. She has some of the best and most informative videos on natural hair to me. I just rencently watched her natural journery video again and was inspired all over again. Also i have a really good friend that makes me realize why i am doing what i am doing. For women that want to know but don't know what to do. She makes me realize that this natural thing is not just something to do, it is a lifestyle. It is so much more than "a cute do". I thank God for all of the natural women i know and the ones i don't because they keep me focused. Watching the young sistah *Fadiah and her hair journey was another straw to the camels back. It is so good to see other Military women sharing their different techniques and tips to help other naturals. Until the next post people.....God Bless...


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