Sunday, September 19, 2010

Falling in and out of love with my hair....

Hello everyone, i know that it's been a while so let me give you the short version of it all. I got back from my short lived Tampa, FL experience and was in sort of a slump with my hair. for whatever reason i just felt like i wasn't retaining any length anymore and i didn't really want to deal with it that much. Let me just give you all a word of advice; when you get to this point please make sure that you find a natural buddy you have and cling on to her, you can even get on YouTube and get some inspiration from those ladies, but the last thing you want to do is what i did which was slap some micro braids in it from a random person. FIRST OFF, this young lady was....well she was nice, she was intelligent, a little older and more friendly than other "random" people i had dealt with in the past, so i figured let me give her a try. I live further away from where i used to live in Maryland so i was being lazy and i didn't want to drive to my regular girls i go to. Let me just say BIG MISTAKE. The braids in the back were waaaaayyyy too tight and it was a week before they even felt like they loosened up a bit. I even had a few little bumps and i can't ever remember that EVER happening to me. Needless to say i don't think i will ever get micros again, or at least no time in the next two or three

But that is just one of my challenges as of lately. I have been so up and down with my hair, i am not sure if it is the products that i have been using which is not much, or maybe my diet, i do protective styles when i can....when people see me they say it's growing nicely but i guess i just can't see it. I think going natural is the best decision i have ever made in life but the hardest thing about it is remaining positve and focused on what is important. The health of my hair. If i had to choose health or length of course health would be it.....but length plays a big part of what "US Naturals" are striving for also, correct me if i am wrong.

If anyone has any advice or a story that want to share please do.....thanks for listening and be blessed.


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